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Maidenform Extreme Lift Multi-way Underwire Bra
Rated 3.4182/5 based on 55 customer reviews
SE1102 NB 100 SE1102 NB WR9 SE1102 NG 100 SE1102 NG WR9 SE1102 NG XBK SE1102 NH 100 SE1102 NH WR9 SE1102 NH XBK SE1102 NI 100 SE1102 NI WR9 SE1102 NI XBK SE1102 NQ 100 SE1102 NQ WR9 SE1102 NQ XBK SE1102 NR 100 SE1102 NR WR9 SE1102 NR XBK SE1102 NS 100 SE1102 NS WR9 SE1102 NS XBK SE1102 NT 100 SE1102 NT WR9 SE1102 NT XBK SE1102 OB 100 SE1102 OB WR9 SE1102 OB XBK SE1102 OC 100 SE1102 OC WR9 SE1102 OC XBK SE1102 OD 100 SE1102 OD WR9 SE1102 OD XBK SE1102 OE 100 SE1102 OE WR9 SE1102 OE XBK SE1102 OO 100 SE1102 OO WR9 SE1102 OO XBK SE1102 OP 100 SE1102 OP WR9 SE1102 OP XBK SE1102 OQ 100 SE1102 OQ WR9 SE1102 OQ XBK SE1102 NB BWU SE1102 NB FM9 SE1102 NG BWU SE1102 NG FM9 SE1102 NH BWU SE1102 NH FM9 SE1102 NI BWU SE1102 NI FM9 SE1102 NQ BWU SE1102 NQ FM9 SE1102 NR BWU SE1102 NR FM9 SE1102 NS BWU SE1102 NS FM9 SE1102 NT BWU SE1102 NT FM9 SE1102 OB BWU SE1102 OB FM9 SE1102 OC BWU SE1102 OC FM9 SE1102 OD BWU SE1102 OD FM9 SE1102 OE BWU SE1102 OE FM9 SE1102 OO BWU SE1102 OO FM9 SE1102 OP BWU SE1102 OP FM9 SE1102 OQ BWU SE1102 OQ FM9

Extreme Lift Multi-way Underwire Bra

Regular price $18.99 Sale price $12.00
Alt Text
Alt Text
Style # SE1102
Select Color:
  • Black
  • White
  • Paris Nude
  • Navy/Gloss
  • Evening Blush/Sheer Pale Pink
Band Size:
  • 34
  • 36
  • 38
  • 40
Cup Size:
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • DD
Size Guide
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SE1102 Details
Item Description
Extreme lift to maximize your curves.
  • Open balconette neckline
  • Push up padding
  • Wear 5 ways: traditional, criss cross, halter, one-strap or strapless
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Underwire
  • Love the Lift® collection
More Details
cup: 91% polyester/9% spandex; back: 85% nylon/15% spandex
hand wash cool;line dry
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