size calculator

step one

first, measure above your bust just below your underarms

step two

next, measure around the fullest part of your bust. don’t pull too tight!

enter measurements in inches below


Your straps should lay flat without digging or falling off your shoulders.

Slides off

If tightening them doesn't work try a bra that has a U-back, or a racerback clip.

Digs in

If loosening them doesn't work try going down a band and up a cup size.


Your cups should lay flat against your chest with no gaping or spillage.


To fill the gap try going down a cup size.


Try the next cup size up in order to be fully covered.


You should be on the middle hook with no digging or riding up.

Rides Up

Your band needs to be tighter. If you're on the tightest hook try the next band size down and cup size up.

Digs in

Your band needs to be loosened. If you're on the loosest hook try the next band size up and cup size down.

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